Perchtenlauf, Eugene, Oregon, New Year’s Eve 2018

This year our Perchtenlauf was revived by one of the original participants from the first one five years ago, who created the site Mid Winter Monsters to organize it. We had about a dozen monsters making a ruckus along an expanded route that covered around 2 miles and passed rowdy bars, opera-goers walking to their cars, random drunk celebrants, a very fancy hotel, and a liminal bridge underpass, amongst other things. We were met by much enthusiasm from passersby, especially as we reached downtown. Our group had a wonderful variety of both traditional and innovative mumming costumes.

Unfortunately we were all so busy howling and ringing bells that we didn’t have an opportunity to get many photos, so this is the only one I can present, showing part of our band of monsters. I am in the back, in the barn owl mask with antlers, fox fur, and bells strung over a long black cloak.


ETA: We found one more photo, taken with a phone along the route when we all passed a huge reflective set of windows. Terrible quality (and again, doesn’t show everyone) but it does capture a certain liminal quality of the Lauf, especially with the added magic of the mirror.


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