Making Magic

The varied traditions of mumming throughout Europe (and now here in North America as well) all use masks, costumes and theatre-in-motion to embody the spiritual forces and changes occurring in the land and the community at special, liminal times of year. … More Making Magic


Rituals of Spirited Rebellion

Flipping through the February 2019 edition of National Geographic magazine, was delighted to come across the article “Rituals of Spirited Rebellion” by Jacqueline Charles, about Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean and Latin America. … More Rituals of Spirited Rebellion

Horn Dance

Just popping in to present this lovely video by Stick in the Wheel of their version of the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance. This English tradition in its complete form involves many mumming elements … More Horn Dance


Because mumming traditions are an integral part of folk culture in many parts of Europe, some costumes and masks have become part of museum collections. … More Museums