Another Music Video With Mummers

This time it’s Placebo’s new video for “Jesus’ Son,” filmed on location in Sardinia and featuring stunning Sardinian mummers costumes with shaggy sheepskins, enormous bells and horned masks. According to one entertainment website, “The surreal imagery taps into the song’s spiritual undertones.” Advertisements

Run Boy Run

Woodkid’s self-directed music video for “Run Boy Run” features a host of monsters running alongside a child. They may not technically be mummers, but the costumes clearly evoke traditional mumming costumes, made of moss and animal skulls, and they are definitely in a “lauf” (run) and look scary, even if they are helping the boy on his … More Run Boy Run

Swiss Tunnel Ceremony Featuring Mummers!

The world’s longest and deepest railway tunnel (the Gotthard Base Tunnel), going straight through the Alps, officially opened recently in Switzerland and was celebrated with a lavish pageant featuring, among many other things, some costumes and processions very reminiscent of traditional mumming. I’m guessing the German director drew inspiration from Alpine mumming customs, although perhaps … More Swiss Tunnel Ceremony Featuring Mummers!


Charles Fréger, the photographer whose gorgeous portraits of European mumming traditions have made the rounds of the internet for the past couple years (from his book Wilder Mann), is about to release a new book covering similar types of costumes and customs from Japan, collectively referred to as yokai. Those familiar with European mumming will see … More Yokainoshima


There are so many varied mumming traditions the world over, it’s not surprising that even after years of studying them, I can still find something I never heard of. Today I noticed a short piece at the back of our local newspaper about a festival happening in Spain. It centers around a devil-like creature named … More Jarramplas