I would like to start a comprehensive directory of currently active mumming groups and events across Europe and North America. If you know of a group that should be listed here, please contact me.




“There is a more general underlying assumption by those who do not come into contact with traditional existence, that a tradition has a single life like an individual human, and, once ended, can never return….The invention of writing, ascribed to ancient gods and heroes, enabled us to put away thoughts and activities so that they could be recovered later. So, when we read an ancient poem, sing an old song, or play a drama that no one has staged for a century, we are not reviving or re-enacting them. We are making them present. Whether the space between the last performance and ours is a minute or a century, each performance is a living enactment of the poem, song or play. It is present whenever it is performed. Whenever a custom has lapsed for a time, it can always come back again, if there is the will and the need for it so to do. This is a constant feature of human culture which has happened throughout time to most customs and traditions the world over. Consciously or unconsciously, every fresh performance is a statement of continuity with those which have gone before.”

(Nigel Pennick, Crossing the Borderlines: Guising, Masking & Ritual Animal Disguises in the European Tradition)