Ukrainian electro-folk band Onuka released a fantastic video for their song “Zenit” which features an array of magical creatures … More Zenit

Mumming for an Invocation

I will always have a special place in my heart for Dead Can Dance, for their music was the soundtrack to most of my early ritual experiences. They recently released an entire album dedicated to Dionysos, so that’s another reason to love them. … More Mumming for an Invocation

Horn Dance

Just popping in to present this lovely video by Stick in the Wheel of their version of the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance. This English tradition in its complete form involves many mumming elements … More Horn Dance

Run Boy Run

Woodkid’s self-directed music video for “Run Boy Run” features a host of monsters running alongside a child. They may not technically be mummers, but the costumes clearly evoke traditional mumming costumes, made of moss and animal skulls, and they are definitely in a “lauf” (run) and look scary, even if they are helping the boy on his … More Run Boy Run